Stopping As Success

Stopping As Success: Transitioning to locally led development

“Stopping As Success: Transitioning to Locally Led Development” (SAS) is a three-year collaborative learning project dedicated to examining responsible INGO aid transitions. After three years of looking into responsible transitions taking place around the world, the project findings are now available.


The primary goal of the project is to promote locally led development and peacebuilding by bringing greater awareness to the multiple dynamics at play when transitioning or ending a development program, and to provide practical guidelines and resources to support local leadership.

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Since 2017, the SAS team, composed of Peace Direct, CDA Collaborative Learning, and Search for Common Ground, has produced 20 case studies of transitions in 13 countries, to explore the dynamics at play when ending a development or peacebuilding programme. We have also developed over 20 resources and practical tools to inform transition processes for INGOs, NGOs and donors.

The newly published research findings aim to provide positive examples and guidance for how international development actors can foster locally led development through successful and responsible transitions out of projects or relationships with partners.

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