Call for evaluations and other evidence of the impact of local peacebuilding

Call for evaluations and other evidence of the impact of local peacebuilding

Peace Direct and the Alliance for Peacebuilding are compiling a report to highlight the impact of local peacebuilding efforts around the world. This is to support our advocacy with policymakers, in line with the policy consensus that locally-owned and -led peacebuilding is essential for violence reduction and long-term stability.

We are keen to review evaluation reports or other evidence of changes in people’s Knowledge and Attitudes, their Behaviours, or in the Structural conditions, brought about by local efforts, which are seen as having contributed to:

  • Preventing & Mitigating Violence
  • Resolving Conflicts
  • Supporting Stable and Resilient Societies

We define local peacebuilding as: “actions designed and implemented by people or organisations to prevent or mitigate violence, resolve conflicts, or improve longer-term stability and resilience, within their own context.”

The scope of their actions may be anything from a local community to the whole country and may even include regional or international actions designed to have an impact in their country. The key criterion for it to be ‘local’ for the purpose of this project, is that it is driven and led from within society, rather than being implemented on behalf of international agencies.This does not preclude local actions which are supported by, or conducted in partnership with international agencies, provided that the local entity retains the leadership and agency to define its actions.

The information will be analysed and used to develop a short report to support our advocacy on behalf of local peacebuilding, including during the UN High Level Political Forum, in July.

To support this important effort, we need your help! Please send us the following:

  • Evaluation reports, summaries of evaluative exercises, and learning outputs (e.g. evaluation syntheses, impact assessments, internal evidence reviews) completed since 1995.
  • Public reports and peer-reviewed articles (published or unpublished) that examine effectiveness of local peacebuilding programmes.

Your evaluation submissions will be treated confidentially. If we need to reference programmes and evaluation findings specifically, we will seek the permission of those involved, to do so.

Please send your submissions to Shaziya Netto at [email protected] as soon as possible, and by 15th March at the latest.

If you have any questions about this, please contact:  [email protected]

Many thanks in advance for your participation!

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