Baraza Justice

Our Congolese partner Fondation Chirezi (FOCHI) has established a network of peace courts, or ‘barazas’, in war-torn eastern DR Congo. In 2014 we evaluated their impact, and found that lessons can be learned from this very cost effective and sustainable model, for other countries that suffer similar levels of violence.

Local First: summary pamphlet

Local First is an approach to international development that prioritises the views and leadership of people and organisations in the countries affected, over those of outsiders from the international community.

Coming Home

A case study of locally led DDR programme comparing costs and impacts between local and international programmes.

DDR in the DR Congo

A report comparing the effectiveness of DDR programmes in DRC 2002-2009.

Ripples into waves

A collection of cases of highly successful local peacebuilding, showing how it can scale up to make a national impact.

The Peace Direct Model

An in-depth look at Peace Direct’s vision for running an international NGO, led by the priorities of local peacebuilders.