Impact Report - 2021 - Peace Direct

Impact Report – 2021


Our Impact Report highlights the achievements of the Peace Direct network in 2021.  

Across 15 countries, 257 local peacebuilding organisations received support from us in 2021. That’s ten times the number of groups we worked with just five years ago. 153 groups received support through our Local Action Fund. This model provides a more flexible approach to peacebuilding, through small grants and a focus on strengthening local groups.  

We continued longstanding partnerships with organisations like Uru, the youth-led hub building bridges between young people and decision-makers in the Central African Republic.  

But we also forged new relationships: As the Taliban took over Afghanistan last August, we responded quickly speaking with local peacebuilders and established a new partnership with Equality for Peace and Development.   

And we continued to push for systems change in our advocacy work, releasing our ground-breaking report, Time to Decolonise Aid.  

Explore our Impact Report and take the time to read stories like Séraphin’s – a former militia member in DRC, who escaped and was given a second chance through the work of Cadre de Concertation Intercommunautaire 

Download our Impact Report here:


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