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Migration & Peacebuilding

During 2021, the world witnessed the highest level of displacement and migration since the Second World War, with the number of people forced to flee their homes doubling over the last decade. Migration & Peacebuilding explores the inherent relationship between conflict and migration patterns, and how local peacebuilders are key to understanding and stopping the … Continued

Race, Power and Peacebuilding

Race, Power & Peacebuilding is our latest report, which aims to explore and to understand how racism manifests itself in the peacebuilding sector.  This report is a summary of a global consultation which included over 160 people from 70 countries. We are indebted to all those who participated and contributed to the findings of the … Continued

NEW RESEARCH: Political actors and identity-based violence in Beni

[En français ci-dessous] In the Democratic Republic of Congo, political officials use social tensions, clashing ethnic identities and conflicts as opportunities to advance in the political scene. This is one of the key findings in new research from Congolese organisation,  Research Initiatives for Social Development, supported by Peace Direct and the Beni Peace Forum. Read the full … Continued

Time to Decolonise Aid

Time to Decolonise Aid is our latest report  About the Report  In November 2020, Peace Direct, Adeso, the Alliance for Peacebuilding and Women of Color Advancing Peace and Security held a three-day online consultation with 158 activists, decision- makers, academics, journalists and practitioners across the globe. Participants and guest contributors exchanged insights and local experiences on the current power … Continued

Pioneering Peace

COVID-19 has hastened our use of technology and moved our lives almost wholly online. We have become more reliant on technology in everyday life. For peacebuilders, their experiences have been similar.   In 2020, Shift Power for Peace, a collaboration between Peace Direct, Humanity United and Conducive Space for Peace launched the Digital Inclusion Fund to … Continued

Escaping “Perpetual Beginnings”

Escaping “Perpetual Beginnings”: Challenges and Opportunities for Local Atrocity Prevention in the Democratic Republic of Congo. . Government efforts to curb violence in DRC are lacking, which means local people carry out many atrocity prevention activities themselves. Despite the vital role these efforts play, significant gaps remain, including under-resourcing and poor networking opportunities.  . This report is … Continued

Reflecting on Peacebuilding and Sustaining Peace

The role of civil society in building sustainable peace is no longer debatable.   ‘Reflecting on Peacebuilding and Sustaining Peace’, presents a summary of a global online consultation with civil society that took place in June 2020. Over 280 participants from 97 countries joined the virtual conversation to share their perspectives on peacebuilding and contribute their … Continued

What Transformation Takes

What Transformation Takes: Evidence of Responsible INGO Transitions to Locally Led Development Around the World  takes readers on a journey to examine responsible transitions from international non-governmental organizations to locally led entities. The book is a compilation of the 19 case studies from the three-year program, Stopping As Success: Transitioning to locally led development (SAS), led … Continued

Towards locally-led peacebuilding: defining ‘local’

This brief on partnership approaches is part of a series called ‘Towards locally-led peacebuilding’ intended to highlight gaps in current policy and practice. While global conflicts increase, the international peacebuilding community is increasingly recognising that locally-led activity is a key element to successful peacebuilding. Drawing on 15 years’ experience partnering with grassroots organisations, this brief … Continued

Working with Conflict 2

A go-to, practical resource for peacebuilders, people working in conflict situations or people studying conflict transformation within a variety of disciplines. Working with Conflict 2 reflects the accumulated wisdom of over 3,000 peacebuilding practitioners from 70 countries over the 20 years since the first Working with Conflict book was published. This book is now available … Continued