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Imagine if there was a map that could provide information from the heart of conflict zones before violence breaks out? Essential updates not found anywhere else. Updates that could help save lives.


Today,  Peace Insight launches a brand new mapping tool and exciting feature: Peace Dispatch provides real time analysis on instances of violence as they happen, reported from a unique network of our local experts.

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Peace Dispatch is a unique new feature, mapping live incidences of violence and peacebuilding initiatives. Live data is pulled onto one map from conflict zones, and this information is analysed by our local experts on the ground. It brings together instances of violent outbreaks alongside instances of local peacebuilding, showing exactly what is being done to halt violence and build peace in the aftermath.

At first, we will feature four countries a month, and build on this as the tool grows. Narrative updates from our Local Peacebuilding Experts will provide a source of local analysis from the heart of those conflicts, pulling together mapping and analysis that is not freely available elsewhere.


Peace, in sight


This tool is hosted on the recently renamed, Peace Insight the largest online resource mapping local peacebuilding in conflict zones. The updated name reflects the focus on peace and peacebuilding that is the core of the site.   

On Peace Insight, we provide a comprehensive database of 1,500 local peacebuilding organisations, and pull in the latest data from war zones onto one map.  

The updated mapping tool brings together instances of violent outbreaks, showing exactly what is being done to halt violence.

We publish timely updates from hard to reach conflict zones, reported from a unique network of our local experts who have unparalleled access to those caught up in violence.  

Ruairi Nolan, head of Research and Engagement at Peace Direct, said:

“We are very proud of what Peace Insight has developed in to. From small beginnings, it now hosts information on thousands of local peacebuilding organisations which can be their only window to the world. We see it as a really unique resource for journalists, funders and anyone wanting to know about how a more peaceful world can be built.  

The new, updated site makes it easier to access and understand the work of thousands of dedicated, grassroots organisations committed to stopping violence. We are delighted we can show the world the impact they are making.”

It highlights what is being done to rebuild, not just destroy. And it reminds us that in many places peace is in sight. We just have to work harder to make it a reality.


Stories of war, stories of peace


From releasing child soldiers in Somalia to preventing recruitment by militant groups in Pakistan, peacebuilding comes in many shapes and sizes across the world, often out of sight of the mainstream media.  

We want to give their voices a greater part in the narrative of war and show the inspiring strength and resilience of people standing up against violence.  

For every community that is destroyed in war, another is being rebuilt. That is the message of Peace Insight – and the thousands of local organisations working for it every day.


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