Global views on the Day of Peace

To mark the International Day of Peace on 21 September, we asked our peacebuilders to share their wish for world peace. Here’s what they said.

We, the women of the world, want peace for everyone – which is not possible without listening, accepting and celebrating each other. And women are tired of being excluded from peace processes: we want our voices to be heard at peace talks. – Gulalai Ismail, Pakistan.

Peace is only possible when things are kept simple. We as humans often spend a great deal of time and money making things complicated. The challenge we are facing today is the need to inject simplicity back into the peacebuilding process – only then will we create and sustain long term peace. – Dishani Jayaweera, Sri Lanka

Today, in an increasingly globalized world, the most pernicious threats to human security emanate from the conditions that give rise to genocide, civil war and human rights violations. All the current peace action and studies on security need to integrate the human dimension of security. We need to start putting people at the heart of peacebuilding.Henri Ladyi, D R Congo

You can help Gulalai, Dishani, and Henri make peace a reality for their communities. Make a donation today and you will be supporting them and others building peace around the world.

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