What is a peacepartner?

Peacepartners are people like you. They are truly inspiring people.

You have the passion and commitment it takes to support someone you will never meet, to build peace in communities affected by war.

You will partner with a peacebuilder like 26-year-old Alina who, despite living in one of the most dangerous places in the world, turned her back on violence.

Her strength and courage is amazing. Alina has stopped people from making war, and instead led them towards peace.

That’s what peacebuilders do. They are ordinary people who, with your help, can achieve peace. In just nine months, your peacepartner gifts of $32 will help turn another person like Alina into a new peacebuilder.
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Why do we need them?

War destroys communities.

A single armed combatant can wreak havoc on hundreds of lives, and the fallout can continue for years.

But peace is contagious.

A single peacebuilder can transform the attitudes and actions of hundreds of local people, and the benefits last generations.

Harsh reality #1

We live in a world that spends 1,884 times more on war than it does on peace.

Harsh reality #2

Only 10 countries in the world are truly free from internal or external conflict.

Harsh reality #3

More people are affected by war than at any stage in world history.



“Conflicts are resolved and wars are prevented not by armies but by ordinary people.”

-Scilla Elworthy, Founder of Peace Direct



Your peacebuilder


• You will be connected to your own peacebuilder with a welcome pack and regular stories from their progress. 


• You will be invited to share real stories with like-minded supporters at Peace Talks to learn more about the work of peacebuilders and connect with experts in the field. 


• You will receive ongoing updates about the impact of your gifts and how they are helping to turn war into peace.



Become a peacepartner today

and start building peace in the world,

one person at a time

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See the community of peacepartners you could join


Alina's story

“The Taliban were very powerful in our community. I was very patriotic. I was on their side. My beliefs were not any different from the people of my area. I was anti-feminist.


Women were beaten and sexually harassed. But I thought this was our own fault, that women brought it upon themselves.


Then I attended Peacebuilder Training, which gave me a new understanding of the world around me and led to a complete transformation of my thinking. I pledged that I would work to counter extremism.


I was a totally changed person by the time I returned home.”

-Alina, a peacebuilder in Pakistan


How does it work?

It’s easy to become a peacepartner. By giving $32 a month for 9 months, you will help train one peacebuilder.

You can start doing it right now.

We will assign you a peacebuilder in one of the countries we work in and send you regular updates about their progress.

You will never know the real name of the peacebuilder you train. It’s far too dangerous. But your $32 a month for 9 months will mean that a peacebuilder has the training, support and skills needed to begin building peace from within his or her own community.

What will I receive?

When you sign up to partner a peacebuilder, your regular gifts will turn someone who has been marginalised by conflict and violence into a confident and empowered peacebuilder.

You’ll equip that person with the knowledge, the understanding and the skills needed to turn others away from the path of war and instead, to choose peace.

You will receive a full welcome pack, monthly updates on what your donation is achieving, and stories on the peacebuilder we have assigned you to.

You will also be sent a “peacebuilder pin” as a special thank you for signing up, and information on how to meet and collaborate with fellow peacepartners in your area.

What is different about Peace Direct?

Our philosophy: Local people, local solutions, global success.

Here’s a snapshot of what makes us different:

– we don’t impose solutions from outside
– we work with local people to stop war and save lives
– we don’t claim to know better than those affected by war
– we speak out for local people and ask the world to hear them
– we don’t establish expensive country offices
– we find creative ways to help organisations implement their own work
– we don’t employ expatriate staff
– we enable local people to make the peace they desire a reality
– we don’t “arrive” in conflict zones, or “leave” them
– we work with local people for as long as it takes to build peace, one person at a time

If you believe in this approach too, you can directly support a local peacebuilder in a conflict zone by signing up to become a peacepartner for $32 a month. In nine months a peacebuilder will be trained.

I’ve got more questions

Great! Read our FAQ’s for more specific information or get in touch with our friendly team by phone or email to talk with one of us.



Become a peacepartner today

and start building peace in the world,

one person at a time

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