Afghanistan has experienced four decades of conflict, political tension, droughts and food insecurity. Mass unemployment, millions of displaced people and the recent Taliban takeover have made matters worse. Afghanistan is increasingly vulnerable. Since the latest crisis began in August, we have been working closely with local organisations to offer support.

Supporting civil society

In 2021, we began working with Equality for Peace and Democracy (EPD), a non-profit and non-governmental organization. Together, we have established the Local Action Fund in Afghanistan the latest of our small granting programmes, already active in seven countries. This model of our work promotes greater local ownership and allows local leaders to control the funding they need.

EPD are dedicated to empowering women and youth at the community and policy level in Afghanistan. Working on the Local Action Fund, they identify local organisations needing support, and give out small scale grants to enable them to resolve conflict in their communities.

The aim of EPD’s work is to

  • Increase stability among Afghan civil society and women’s rights organisations so that they can continue their work at this challenging time. 
  • Provide mentorship to local organisations to help them increase the impact and effectiveness of their work, and build capacity. 
  • Reduce poverty, food insecurity and build resilience among the most vulnerable women and girls in the country.  

You can support this work directly by donating to our Afghan Solidarity Fund.

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