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The world is battling war and violence, and conflict is tearing across communities around the world. Divisions in communities from Paris to Pakistan are reaching worrying heights. The work of building peace has never been more urgent.

Still, the inspiring and courageous stories of people building peace are rarely the ones that make the headlines.

Local peacebuilders are taking action every day to keep not just people, but hope, alive.

Our Impact Report tells their story.


Our Impact in 2017


The work of peacebuilders impacts communities throughout the world.


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Read and download our 2017 Impact Report documenting some of our proudest achievements in our mission to work with local people to stop war and build sustainable peace. 

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Local voices from DR Congo

“My name is Jeanne, and I’m 30 years old. I live in a village in DR Congo and have three boys and a little girl. I am one of the ten members of the Peace Court (Baraza) in our village.

I feel indebted to FOCHI for their support in building this Court and their training. It is thanks to their training on leadership, peaceful resolution of conflicts and running the Peace Court that I managed to put an end to a dispute between a mother from our village and a police officer.

The cause of the dispute was that the mother accused the police officer of stealing her phone. He refused to say he had committed this act. I had to use all the techniques that I learned during the conflict management training. I began to listen in turn to each party to find out exactly where the problem was coming from and think about the consequences if we could not reach peaceful conclusion.

It was then that I spent a lot of time with the policeman, encouraging him to speak truthfully about the situation and his responsibility in it. Eventually he told the truth and agreed to pay the women the cost of the phone. After the people of the village had experienced this, they all asked me: “How did you convince them to resolve their differences?” I replied that it was
thanks to my training.

We are up to these tasks, however complex they may be. The conflict between the mother and the policeman has definitely ended. I do not know how to thank FOCHI for the training
and self-confidence it has placed in me to promote peace and development in our village. I take my hat off to them!”

–Jeanne, 30, DR Congo


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