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So often, war and violence dominate our headlines. We see lives destroyed, communities torn apart, the gutted buildings of bombed out towns shadowing over rubble graves. But there is a different story.

A story crafted by remarkable people living in war zones who believe that something can be done to stop the violence. They are joined by a growing family of passionate, determined people from all over the world who believe this too: donors, supporters, activists, students and many others.

We work with these people to help local communities build peace in over ten war torn countries.


Impact in 2015

Read and download our 2015 Impact Report documenting some of our proudest achievements in our mission to work with local people to stop conflict and build sustainable peace.


Download our 2015 Impact Report

We passionately believe in non-violence and the power of local action. It is one of the values that underpins everything we do, which is why you see it on the front page of our Impact Report. Non-violence is never an easy option in the midst of violence. It requires the utmost bravery.

Last year we supported local peacebuilders in over ten countries to stop war and build peace one person at a time, helping thousands of people affected by conflict and violence.

Please join us in taking the next steps towards a world free from violent conflict, where local people are at the centre of building sustainable peace.

Dylan Mathews, CEO


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