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So often, war and violence dominate our headlines. We see lives destroyed, communities torn apart, the gutted buildings of bombed out towns shadowing over rubble graves. But there is a different story.

A story crafted by remarkable people living in war zones who believe that something can be done to stop the violence. They are joined by a growing family of passionate, determined people from all over the world who believe this too: donors, supporters, activists, students and many others.

We work with these people to help local communities build peace in over ten war torn countries.

Impact in 2016

Impact in 2016

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Read and download our 2016 Impact Report documenting some of our proudest achievements in our mission to work with local people to stop war and build sustainable peace. 

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The difference your support makes

I was helping my aunt with housework, collecting firewood, when I was captured by rebels and forced to join the Mai Mai Simba militia. I was with them for a year before I escaped. My role was to prepare the magic potions they believed would help them in battle.

When I escaped, a local village leader found me. He took me to CRC. They gave me psychological support and trauma healing sessions. They gave me a support kit consisting of skirts, blouses, one pair of shoes and a bag. They found me a host family to stay with while they tried to find my parents. To survive, CRC gave us rice, beans and fish to eat. I was happy to be out of the militia but at first I would wake up at night, terrified and screaming. After one month of the counselling sessions this stopped.

Now I am learning to become a tailor through the vocational training centre CRC have. I’m learning how to cut and sew dresses and shirts. I am now much more hopeful for my future. I have made friends with other children in the neighbourhood and people ask me to make clothes for them. I feel part of the community. I am also saving to go back to school. I hope to be able to return to my studies in a few years time.

-Patience, 13

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