What can I do to help?

We have amazing staff, but could always use an extra hand when it comes to building peace. There are several steps that volunteers can take to help us out:

  • Signing up for our newsletter and encouraging others to do so as well: our presence online is important and the more people talking about the work our local partners and we do, the more of an impact we can really make.
  • Social media presence: sharing our blogs and promoting our name will get new people reading about our work and getting curious about what’s going on in the world, and could even reach out to new potential volunteers.
  • Presentations with local groups: potential partners are all over, and they could be in your neighborhood! Giving a presentation on Peace Direct will help spread our name, encourage potential donors, and help us connect with new organizations. Is there a school group, faith community, Rotary Club, or other group in your area that would be interested in Peace Direct’s work? Of course, we would help set up and prepare you for the presentation.
  • Hosting an event: our staff and partners may be coming to your city soon! We would be glad to speak to a group in your area if we are traveling there, or if you’d like to support our staff or partners to come visit. You can also host your own event to share about Peace Direct and help build support. A dinner, movie screening, or other fun event can make a great fundraiser!
  • Financial support: we’re always looking for donations to fund the work that we do and support our local partners. Please consider making a contribution yourself and asking friends and family to do so. Creative ideas from past volunteers include asking for sponsors to donate to Peace Direct for a race you run, asking for donations instead of holiday gifts, or sending a personal appeal for donations on International Peace Day (September 21) to friends and family.


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What’s next?

If any of these opportunities are intriguing to you, and if you have a little time to spare to help a great cause, contact us at [email protected] so we can tell you more and get you started!

Finally, thank you!


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