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Despite insecurity and illness

Despite insecurity and the looming threat of Ebola in DR Congo, Centre Résolution Conflits continue to risk their lives to help people affected by conflict.

drc-aug14-update-sqArmed groups continue to operate in eastern Democratic Republic Congo, both in Ituri and North Kivu. These have seriously disrupted the climate of peace and security. Despite this insecurity and the looming threat of Ebola of which there has been a confirmed outbreak in Equateur province in the north west of the country, Centre Résolution Conflits (CRC) continue to risk their lives to help people affected by conflict.

Here’s an overview of the projects they’re working on, showing their multi-angled approach which engages the whole community. Through this, CRC are tackling conflict at all levels and all stages which is integral to building sustainable peace.

There are four main areas of their work:

  • For women who have suffered sexual violence at the hands of the militia, they provide trauma counselling and micro-finance to set up small businesses. This enables them to overcome their past and lift their families out of poverty.
  • For ex-combatants, CRC provide similar support and finance, so that they become positive members of the community and do not drift back into rebel groups.
  • For rescued child soldiers, they resettle the children back into their families or into foster families.
  • For entire village communities, they organise interactive radio clubs which broadcast useful discussions by the community members about local issues, including the dangers of joining militia groups.

These projects work together, forming an integrated approach that promotes long-term development of peaceful communities and gives them the skills to reject and overcome violence and conflict. The aim is to stop violence and build sustainable peace from within the communities that allows the people to develop. While other approaches fail, this integrated approach is working.

Over the last three months CRC have:

  • Successfully rescued 121 child soldiers.
  • Broadcast 112 radio programmes, highlighting the importance of their work and gathering support.
  • Given 237 women psychological support.
  • Provided 223 women with micro-finance to enable them to build their own small businesses.
  • Resolved 90 cases of conflict – finding a solution and assisting with reconciliation

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