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A Peace Day message from CEO Dylan Mathews

Today, as we celebrate International Day of Peace, I hope that we can all take the lessons from local peacebuilders and embody them now, not tomorrow or next week. If we believe in our own power, take the lead in building peace in our communities, and engage other people directly in this, there may well be a time we no longer need to mark one day as International Day of Peace. This is my #messageofhope.

Tomorrow’s Peacebuilders: our annual awards open

Now in its fourth year, our Tomorrow’s Peacebuilders awards offer global recognition for grassroots peace activists in conflict affected countries all over the world. These are the only global awards for local peacebuilders – inspiring individuals who are building a better tomorrow in the world’s most fragile places.

International Youth Day: celebrating the young people building peace

Youth can be, and are, positive role models for society. As much as violence has knocked them down, they’ve stood back up. Today’s youth fight for a better tomorrow because they’re the ones who are forced to live in it. This International Youth Day we celebrate the young people building peace across the world.

UN adopts landmark resolutions on peacebuilding

In an effort to address the rise in human suffering as a result of armed conflict, the UN General Assembly and Security Council reaffirmed their commitment to peace by adopting comprehensive resolutions.

Burundi one year on: a path to peace

Today’s one year commemoration of the outbreak of violence in Burundi reminds us that as the suffering of the Burundian people continues, local organisations on the ground are redoubling their efforts to stop violence, often risking their own safety in the process. We must do everything we can to support them, and begin the journey on a path to peace.

A Piece for Peace

We would like to say a huge thank you to Natalia Whiteside, who organised another A Piece for Peace fundraiser at St Luke’s Prestonville in Brighton last Sunday. Bettering last year’s success, the day raised more than £1,000 over a coffee morning with homemade cakes and an auction of beautiful local artwork.

Lessons of nonviolence on Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Next Monday, offices and schools around the United States and some other parts of the world will close in honour of Martin Luther King, Jr’s birthday. What would King’s message to us today be? How would he respond to the types of injustice and violence we face today?