Category: Preventing conflict

In pictures: celebrating community radio in DR Congo

To commemorate World Radio Day, we offer a glimpse into a thriving network of community radio clubs in eastern DR Congo. Scroll through the photo series from photographer Greg Funnell to see how the local radio is saving lives and building livelihoods in the region.

Building communities for peace in Sudan

Conflict is affecting resources and increasing economic pressure on the Habila community in the state of South Kordofan, Sudan. Accepted practices are being broken which increases the likelihood of tension escalating to violence. But a violent response to increasing economic pressures and social tensions is not inevitable, as the Badya Centre for Integrated Development, a local peacebuilding organisation from South Kordofan, is well aware.

Tackling violence and hate speech in Burundi

Since protests began one year ago, the situation in Burundi has steadily deteriorated. Kevin McCann reports on the work of our partner – a group of local activists who monitor election violence and tackle hate speech.

Local people are building a Sri Lanka guided by compassion, justice, and peace.

Sri Lanka’s civil war has left bitter ethnic divisions. For communities desperately in need of reconciliation our Sri Lankan partner, CPBR are bringing together communities who have spent the last 30 years in conflict, by organising inter-faith dialogue groups, inter-community activities and public discussions.

Burundi peacebuilder visits London

Frontline peace activist Landry Ninteretse is coming to London to give briefings to policy-makers and media in the UK, and to share his experiences of conflict management and peace education with young Londoners.

Mapping peacebuilders in the Sahel

Recent developments have shown the gravity of some of the conflicts that affect the countries in the Sahel. Even in cases where countries are not in outright war, such conflicts can bring violence and destruction, and indeed the risk of wider war. That’s why, over the next two years, Insight on Conflict is expanding to cover local peacebuilders in Burkina Faso, Chad, Mali, Niger and Nigeria.