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Tomorrow’s Peacebuilders Awards 2018: meet the winners

Over the last few months, the Peace Direct team has reviewed over 300 Tomorrow’s Peacebuilders applications from local organisations around the world; the highest turnout to date. Hosted at #PeaceCon2018 in Washington DC, we announced the three winning organisations, and celebrated the nine finalists who all demonstrate the most exciting and innovative peacebuilding activites.

Rebuilding lives in Nepal

During the civil war in Nepal, many people lost almost everything they owned. In addition to the emotional trauma of war, there was an enormous financial cost. Homes and possessions were stolen or destroyed. Communities lost machinery and factories, and the jobs that went with them. Women lost male relatives who supported them. After the … Continued

Nepal: a public outcry for peace

Nepal is struggling towards peace after ten years of civil war. Political riots and manipulation are still commonplace. In celebration of Nepalese new year, YAPE organised a mass rally for peace in the centre of Kavre town. People flocked to the rally – men, women and children from all sectors of society. It was a clear indication of the desire for change in society.

11 year old beaten in police custody and riots threaten

11- year- old Lapka was arrested for the theft of a gold ring in Kavre, Nepal after an astrologer named the child the culprit. In police custody Lakpa was beaten with sticks and pipes, and electrocuted by police officers in an ordeal that lasted over an hour. His parents were forced to sign a confession … Continued

Hotline for Peace in Nepal: an update

Our partner YAPE in Nepal has set up a ‘Hotline for Peace’ free phone line so the community is always able to contact them. Life in Nepal is regularly disrupted by shutdowns and violent riots. YAPE has built up a track record of responding swiftly and successfully to bring an end to conflicts. Thanks to the … Continued

YAPE brings peace & order to Kavre, Nepal

Although a peace agreement was signed in 2006 political tensions still strike at the heart of Nepal. Earlier this year a group of 46 civil servants received a letter delivered by one of the remaining armed groups  – SJMM. They wished to install their own men in office, and would do so by force if necessary. … Continued

Nepal: A hotline to peace

“YAPE is an important independent organization and it makes Kavre a safer place to live.” – Community member, Kavre. It has been an incredible year for the Youth Alliance for Peace and Environment (YAPE) in Nepal. In their third year of funding from Peace Direct YAPE has made 10 interventions through the Rapid Response Fund (RRF) … Continued

Preventing Political Violence in Nepal

Four years after the peace agreement which ended the civil war, Nepal is moving towards the end of the political process to build the foundations for a stable peace in Nepal. But, reaching a concrete agreement for a new constitution before the May 28th deadline is proving difficult. The Maoists are particularly unhappy with the … Continued

Nepal: School reopens after vicious attack

The school bus winds along the mountain road in the remote village of Kavre, Nepal. The bus is filled with the laughter and chatter of teenagers as they make their way to school, their exams are over and for now they can relax a little. But just a few weeks ago, when their school was … Continued

A look back on 2009 – Nepal

The situation in Nepal is still very fragile, only last month a general strike called by the Maoists brought a part of the country to a halt. At the beginning of the peace process in 2006 the UN estimated there were 32,000 rebel fighters still armed, to date only 19,000 have given up their weapons. … Continued