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Tackling violence and hate speech in Burundi

Since protests began one year ago, the situation in Burundi has steadily deteriorated. Kevin McCann reports on the work of our partner – a group of local activists who monitor election violence and tackle hate speech.

Burundi President sworn in for third term

In a surprise inauguration held this morning, Burundi President Pierre Nkurunziza has announced that he will take office for a third term. This follows last month’s disputed elections, which were boycotted by the opposition and sparked widespread unrest. Nkurunziza took the “oath for a new term of five years”, the presidency said in a statement. … Continued

An update on Burundi

Burundi has been gripped by outbreaks of violent protest since late April this year in the run up to the elections. Peace Direct’s Local Correspondent, who is writing anonymously for reasons of security, has been sharing updates on current events. Insight on Conflict will be publishing short updates based on these reports over the coming months.

Burundi: election violence feared

Fears are growing of political violence as elections loom in Burundi. In response to these tensions a collaboration of 23 grassroots peace organisations across the country are aiming to identify and stop election violence.

Preventing election violence in Burundi

Peace Direct’s partner in Burundi, INAMA, has created an early warning early response mechanism for identifying and resolving local conflict around the upcoming elections.