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The Peace Market, Congo

Mathew van Lierop, Peace Direct’s Head of Operations, visits the Marche de Paix – the Peace Market – in DR Congo. Built by former fighters, with help from Peace Direct, it is giving people a chance of a new life, building community interdependence, and strengthening inter-ethnic understanding.

What they risk for peace

Rescuing child soldiers, providing assistance to communities and helping people reject violence, CRC are risking their lives for peace in the Congo. George Dubatso’s story of rescuing his wife and 10-month-old daughter from the middle of a battle between government and rebels is just one example of this.

Disarming the LRA in DR Congo

“We say no to war and yes to peace” was daubed on a community “wall of hope” in the town of Beni in DR Congo as the town Mayor released 11 doves over crowds gathered to celebrate the International Day of Peace on 21 September. The 11 birds, representing the 11 provinces of DR Congo, … Continued

A child soldier rebuilds his life

Muhindo was just 13 years old when he became a child soldier in Congo. With the help of local peacebuilders he was rescued and given a chance at a childhood free from violence.

In DR Congo, conflict begins at home

Over recent months the Centre Résolution Conflits (CRC), our peacebuilding partner in DR Congo, has been working hard to encourage families forced out by war to return to their villages. However the return of these families can sometimes have dangerous consequences, especially if they threaten the stability of established communities. In Badiya village, after several … Continued

DR Congo: A Story from the field

Meet Sandrine. She was only 24 years old when her life became irreversibly changed- Mai Mai rebel soldiers burst into her village in war-torn Congo and she was given a choice- to join them or die. Sandrine was led away into the forest, where she joined other women living with the rebels. The lucky ones … Continued

Video interview with Congolese peacebuilder Henri

UK newspaper, The Guardian has interviewed Congolese peacebuilder Henri Bura Ladyi. Henri is director of the Centre Résolution Conflits, the local organization Peace Direct supports in DR Congo. Find out more about the work of the CRC in DR Congo.

DR Congo: Militia fighters tune in to peace

In DR Congo radio is one of the few reliable forms of mass communication. The Centre Résolution Conflits uses radio to on militia fighters deep in the bush to put down their guns and come home. To do this they have helped form 119 Radio Clubs in communities all across eastern DR Congo.