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Reflecting on a year of work to decolonise peacebuilding

It’s been a year since we launched the collaboratively developed* report, Race, Power and Peacebuilding. It collated the insights and experiences of over 160 practitioners – shared through a global consultation on Platform4Dialogue – to expose the systemic racism underpinning the peacebuilding sector. The consultation participants identified many ways peacebuilding is affected by racism – … Continued

War Stories Peace Stories: reflections on the media, conflict and peace reporting

A joint blog by Lena Elhibir and Sarah Phillips

For those of us who don’t live in areas of violent conflict, we experience war via the media. On April 11th, 2018, Peace Direct was delighted to partner with Spectrum Media and the War Stories Peace Stories team for the War Stories Peace Stories Symposium in New York: a day of inspiring discussion on the role of the media in covering conflict and peace.

Awards for our Sri Lankan partner

Two prestigious awards have recognised the pioneering peacebuilding work of Dishani Jayaweera, co-founder of our Sri Lankan partners, the Centre for Peacebuilding and Reconciliation (CPBR).

Breaking barriers in Kashmir

After the riots that cost over 100 young lives in Kashmir in 2010, this year has seen signs of hope for improvements in the relationship between the Indian and Pakistani governments. Away from the negotiating tables, peacebuilder Ashima Kaul is building on this mood to foster understanding across the divided communities of Jammu and Kashmir.

DR Congo: Taking the law in their own hands

Justice in this DR Congo is hard to come by. Legal processes are expensive and slow. The Chirezi Foundation is creating a quick and affordable system of village courts, staffed by volunteers and based on traditional ways.

Peace network in Pakistan

In the turbulent mountain region between Pakistan and Afghanistan, a 23-year-old peacebuilder has founded a network of peace activists – a brave band of young people whose mission is to halt the spread of religious extremism and rescue their peers from recruitment into militant organisations.

DR Congo: Militia fighters tune in to peace

In DR Congo radio is one of the few reliable forms of mass communication. The Centre Résolution Conflits uses radio to on militia fighters deep in the bush to put down their guns and come home. To do this they have helped form 119 Radio Clubs in communities all across eastern DR Congo.

Sri Lanka: Community-led peace initiatives

Sri Lanka’s civil war may be over, but has left a society divided. The Centre for Peacebuilding and Reconciliation is reaching out to the local leaders of today and tomorrow to build a grassroots movement for peace and reconciliation. A recent event in Batticaloa, a province in the east of Sri Lanka, has shown how effective this approach can be