Category: Building livelihoods

In pictures: celebrating community radio in DR Congo

To commemorate World Radio Day, we offer a glimpse into a thriving network of community radio clubs in eastern DR Congo. Scroll through the photo series from photographer Greg Funnell to see how the local radio is saving lives and building livelihoods in the region.

Askiro’s story: how I rebuilt my life after war

Askiro fled conflict and violence in her home village, just to tragically lose her youngest son to poverty and malnutrition in another. With the help of a local organisation offering skills training and business management support, Askiro has turned the life of her family around.

From the ground up: building just and peaceful communities in DR Congo

For many living in war-torn DR Congo, access to fast and effective justice is rare. Local disputes over land, farming or marriage can quickly escalate to wider violence that feeds into complex local conflicts. This leaves people without ways of resolving their conflicts peacefully and can entrench dangerous cycles of violence. Here, FOCHI’s Peace Courts are having a big impact for people on the ground.

Peace – an essential ingredient for development

Global poverty and violent conflict are two of the most serious problems that we face in the world today, and they are often linked. Peace Direct fund local peacebuilders around the world, helping them to implement real change – and bring an end to poverty and violent conflict.

The Peace Market, Congo

Mathew van Lierop, Peace Direct’s Head of Operations, visits the Marche de Paix – the Peace Market – in DR Congo. Built by former fighters, with help from Peace Direct, it is giving people a chance of a new life, building community interdependence, and strengthening inter-ethnic understanding.

Nelson Mandela’s choice of a peaceful path

David Greybe, a journalist during the apartheid era, writes of how, in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds, Nelson Mandela’s resolute commitment to reconciliation and forgiveness led South Africa to peaceful and negotiated constitutional settlement that prevented the country slipping into civil war.

Local people are building a Sri Lanka guided by compassion, justice, and peace.

Sri Lanka’s civil war has left bitter ethnic divisions. For communities desperately in need of reconciliation our Sri Lankan partner, CPBR are bringing together communities who have spent the last 30 years in conflict, by organising inter-faith dialogue groups, inter-community activities and public discussions.