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Our #StayHome reading list

What do we all have in common as we adjust to life during the COVID-19 crisis? We have all been urged to do just one thing: stay at home.

From the ground up: building just and peaceful communities in DR Congo

For many living in war-torn DR Congo, access to fast and effective justice is rare. Local disputes over land, farming or marriage can quickly escalate to wider violence that feeds into complex local conflicts. This leaves people without ways of resolving their conflicts peacefully and can entrench dangerous cycles of violence. Here, FOCHI’s Peace Courts are having a big impact for people on the ground.

Peace Direct book club: Feb 2011

In February we will be reading Strength in What Remains by Tracy Kidder – the story of one man’s journey from Burundi to America, having survived civil war and genocide. It is inspiring account of one man’s remarkable journey and of the ordinary people who helped him–a brilliant testament to the power of will and … Continued