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Landry on BBC Radio Four

Landry, from the Amahoro Youth Club in Burundi, appeared on this afternoons You and Yours program on BBC Radio Four. He was responding to the UK government’s review on international aid. You can listen to the full show here: Landry begins at around 41mins 30sec

Can lessons from Burundi combat London street violence?

BBC news has a story about the recent visit by Landry Ninteretse, from the Amahoro Youth Club in Burundi, London where he met with the young people from Truce 20/20. Landry came to share his experiences of building peace in Burundi, and what lessons can be passed on the young people in Newham. You can read … Continued

No to the violence, yes to the peace: Burundi election update

On July 23 Burundi’s parliamentary election, the third election in a series of five that are part of the country’s attempt to return to peace. They are the first elections held since the last rebel group lay down there arms in 2009, following that left an estimated 300,000 people dead in the four decades of independence … Continued

Burundi Election Update (1st June 2010)

I’d like also to share a bit on the situation in Burundi, one week after the district elections. The points below are based on conversations I’ve had with a different people including reporters, election observers and members of civil society who have followed the closely. The turn-out was massive: 92%, I think it’s among the … Continued

Burundi Election Update

On Monday, Burundi held its municipal elections, the first in a series of 5 over the next few months, and the first since the last rebel group put down their weapons and ended the civil war. Problems with insufficient voting papers in some polling stations meant the vote had been delayed from Friday 21st. The … Continued

Burundi Bikers mobilize

The bikers, on cycles and motorbikes, are the taxi drivers of the city, young men who in previous years have been used as pawns in outbreaks of political violence.

Burundi’s second general elections begin later this month, and there is great concern that the relative peace of the last year will be threatened by political manipulation. Many people have not received their ID papers and already people are reporting stories of violence and beatings at political meetings.

The 100 strong bike parade, supported by police offices, crossed the city, stopping traffic and drawing crowds of onlookers. Each biker wore a T-shirt with the words ‘carnaval de paix ‘ and handed out leaflets amongst the crowds, calling on people to work together for the reconstruction of Burundi.

Students against violence

In the last two days 60 students from across Burundi have come together to put a stop to election related violence – before it starts. Burundi faces elections this May, and the great fear is that political parties may use youth groups as military guardians for the leaders. If Burundi is to avoid what Kenya … Continued