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The Case for Flexible Funding

When the earthquake hit Türkiye and Syria, social media was inundated with emergency appeals from international NGOs and donors that shifted their priorities to provide emergency and early recovery support for those who have been affected. But in Northwest Syria, one of the areas most critically impacted, 12 years of war and geopolitical interests have … Continued

First grants reach local organisations through our Afghan Solidarity Fund

We are proud to share that Afghan civil society organisations are now receiving their first grants through our newly established Afghan Solidarity Fund. The Fund supports locally-led peacebuilding and human rights activities through rapid, flexible sub-grants to local civil society organisations. Since its launch in December 2021, we have mobilised almost $500,000 to support local organisations, in partnership with EQUALITY for Peace and Development (EPD).

Hope in the darkness: Looking back at 2021

We have learned to be more adaptable and understanding than ever before. While we may feel less in control of our futures than at any other time in our lives, most of us have met this extraordinary challenge with grace and patience.  In thinking about those qualities – grace, resilience and patience – I am … Continued

9/11: Twenty Years On

Lessons from Peacebuilding Twenty years ago, I walked into the offices opposite the UN Headquarters in Manhattan as the first plane struck the World Trade Center. Soon after, diplomats from every corner of the world streamed out of the UN building in a mass evacuation as news of the terrorist attacks shook the world. Later … Continued

In solidarity with the people of Afghanistan

Yesterday, Sunday 15th August, the Taliban declared that Afghanistan is now under their control. We are continuing to monitor the situation as it develops, and our thoughts are with all the men, women and children of Afghanistan who have been affected by the current situation. We stand in solidarity with all those who will be continuing to work towards peace in the country.

Gulalai and Mirwais BBC Interview

On 13 October 2010, local peacebuilders Gulalai Ismail, from Aware Girls in Pakistan, and Mirwais Wardak fromCooperation for Peace and Unity (CPAU) in Afghanistan, were interviewed on BBC Radio Four’s PM programme. They talked about the vital role that local peacebuilders play in reducing conflict in the region and beyond, despite the limited voice they are … Continued

Peace Council Background, Dec 2008

To the north of the capital the paved Salang road links Kabul to the Northern provinces, and the district of Farza is situated about 30 minutes drive from Kabul, towards Parwan province. The land is mostly flat, rising to foothills of between 2000 and 2500 metres. Farza sits in the hills of the north-western part … Continued