Zimbabwe Peace Exchange – call for applicants

Call for applicants: the Zimbabwe Peace Exchange aims to bring together a diverse group of civil society organisations from across Zimbabwe to share knowledge, experience and lessons, and explore opportunities for collaboration.

In pictures: celebrating community radio in DR Congo

To commemorate World Radio Day, we offer a glimpse into a thriving network of community radio clubs in eastern DR Congo. Scroll through the photo series from photographer Greg Funnell to see how the local radio is saving lives and building livelihoods in the region.

A farewell message from Tom, Head of International Programmes

Even as I leave Peace Direct, I will always be a part of the Peace Direct family and I hope that family one day becomes a movement, a truly globalised movement that links the east and the west, the north and the south; linking people together who believe the same thing – that if we all start to see peace as possible, it will be.

Introducing Peacewatch: Yemen

Peace Direct launches a new strand of its work researching and engaging with local peacebuilders. The first in an original series of reports focuses on Yemen.

Marching for equality, rights and hope

The coming months ahead are going to test many of us who believe in building bridges rather than walls. Our message, that violence can be prevented and peace can be sustained if we support local efforts, is more urgent than ever before.

Building communities for peace in Sudan

Conflict is affecting resources and increasing economic pressure on the Habila community in the state of South Kordofan, Sudan. Accepted practices are being broken which increases the likelihood of tension escalating to violence. But a violent response to increasing economic pressures and social tensions is not inevitable, as the Badya Centre for Integrated Development, a local peacebuilding organisation from South Kordofan, is well aware.

5 things the new Congress should know about local peacebuilding

While uncertainty is the primary feeling in Washington these days, we remain convinced that supporting local communities to prevent violence and strengthen peace is the best way to build a more peaceful and just world for all. Here are five things Congress should know about local peacebuilding.