A better approach to tackling extremism

Rather than costly, reactionary military intervention, the US should help tackle violent extremism by supporting local and peer-to-peer approaches that address root causes of violence and support young people at risk of recruitment to turn away from violence.

Kaylene is combining beautiful prints with her passion for peace

Kaylene Alder is a freelance illustrator and screen printer living and working in South London, UK. Concerned about the worsening security situation around the world, she decided to combine her artistic skills and her passion for peace to fundraise for us.

What does Earth Day have to do with peace?

Climate change and misuse of natural resources could jeopardise peace around the world, we must work for peace and planet. Here are three local organisations doing just that.

Fartun’s story

Two years ago, Fartun made the decision to take her three young children and flee their beautiful home. She knew if they stayed, they risked being killed by armed extremists, or succumbing to drought or famine.

When starvation is just as deadly as a bullet

Humanitarian aid that addresses the food crises in these countries remains separate from efforts to support conflict resolution. While the first is seen as immediate help, the other is considered long-term assistance. But when the issues of food security and violent conflict are so intertwined, their solutions should be likewise.

Peacewatch: Yemen – April 2017

In the absence of reconciliation and political agreement, the common Yemeni people are the ones that are being damaged most, as two thirds of the Yemeni population – 19 million people – are in need of some kind of food, healthcare or other assistance. The best humanitarian relief for Yemen is peace.