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Author: Ruth Tidy

Women taking action

The impact of conflict on women is often overlooked, despite the effects being clear. Ninety per cent of all casualties sustained are civilian, of which a significant amount are women. That’s why we believe a female perspective is integral to the peacebuilding process. With our help, women in conflict zones are now taking action to promote peace both within their local communities and further afield.

The world through the eyes of women

The Sri Lankan peacebuidling process is dominated by men. Our partner in Sri Lanka, Centre for Peacebuilding and Reconciliation, wants this to change. They are beginning a new project to give women in Sri Lanka a stronger voice by training them in film-making.

Women in conflict

The impact of war and conflict is often felt hardest by women. Violence, poverty, discrimination and disempowerment that women face in society are amplified in conflict. But Peace Direct is doing something to change this.

What they risk for peace

Rescuing child soldiers, providing assistance to communities and helping people reject violence, CRC are risking their lives for peace in the Congo. George Dubatso’s story of rescuing his wife and 10-month-old daughter from the middle of a battle between government and rebels is just one example of this.

When a 15 year old boy escaped the LRA, he couldn’t imagine what awaited him

“I was not sure of what to do with my life with all the stigma, abuse and lack of education. But with the training and help I got from CNSJ, I can now say that I have gained hope for the future.” Oketta smiles with relief, a 15-year-old rescued from the horrors of the Lord’s Resistance Army in Uganda.

Burundi’s youth confront the consequences of conflict

“The people who killed my father still live in my neighbourhood,” said 17-year-old schoolboy Michael. “I see that I am the only source of a solution to this problem. What shall I do?” Questions like this expose the real consequences of conflict. Luckily for Michael and many others, our local partner has some answers.