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Author: Ruairi Nolan

Hope amidst the horror in Northern Nigeria

Despite the shocking brutality of violence in Northern Nigeria, there are always those working for peace on the ground. I came away from this Peace Exchange with an increased sense of hope, both for Northern Nigeria and more profoundly for the ability of humans to survive and rebuild even in the midst of violence. Peace Direct releases the first in a series of reports on the views and strategies of local peacebuilders in conflict zones in order to highlight local expertise and capacities for peace. The first focuses on Northern Nigeria.

What next for Burundi?

Burundi’s people have shown before their resilience and ability to recover after the most tragic periods of violence, and the country can still pull back from the current crisis. If it does, it will be down to the work of brave Burundians who find ways to continue to work for peace in the most difficult of circumstances.

Brothers in arms

What can a power struggle between two brothers in Mughal India tell us about religious conflicts in today’s world? A great deal, when the storytellers are Pakistan’s Ajoka Theatre Company.

Year 2 for ‘Tomorrow’s Peacebuilders’

This week we launch our annual competition for Tomorrow’s Peacebuilders, which recognises the very best emerging local peace organisations around the world. Prize winners will receive $4,000 and an invitation to the prize-winners’ event in London in November.

Mapping peacebuilders in the Sahel

Recent developments have shown the gravity of some of the conflicts that affect the countries in the Sahel. Even in cases where countries are not in outright war, such conflicts can bring violence and destruction, and indeed the risk of wider war. That’s why, over the next two years, Insight on Conflict is expanding to cover local peacebuilders in Burkina Faso, Chad, Mali, Niger and Nigeria.

Tomorrow’s Peacebuilders awards 2013 – the winners

Today we announce the winners of this year’s Tomorrow’s Peacebuilders competition. Out of 244 applications, from 54 countries, an international group of experts have found four of the most exciting and innovative peacebuilding organisations from around the world.

Where are the best new ideas and groups in peacebuilding emerging?

At Peace Direct, we believe that in any conflict, there will always be groups of ordinary people, working to prevent violence or build peace. We want to support peacebuilding that will really have an impact and can transform communities. Which is why in at the start of the summer, we launched the competition ‘Tomorrow’s Peacebuilders’ to find the worlds best emerging peacebuilders. Today we are pleased to announce the shortlist.