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A better approach to tackling extremism

Rather than costly, reactionary military intervention, the US should help tackle violent extremism by supporting local and peer-to-peer approaches that address root causes of violence and support young people at risk of recruitment to turn away from violence.

Aleppo update

Overnight, hopes grew that a ceasefire might allow for the remaining population to flee eastern Aleppo. This morning, no residents have yet been allowed to leave and there are reports of renewed shelling.

Promoting peace over violence in Israel-Palestine: Moody’s story

Moody is a young Palestinian who lives in Haifa, on the coast of Northern Israel. He is passionate about music, and a full-time rapper. Moody’s life changed when he attended a concert in Tel Aviv where he performed with both Israeli and Palestinian musicians on stage. Moody’s experiences reveal the power of Heartbeat’s work. In a context so often defined by stereotype and separation, Heartbeat’s music unifies people and allows them to explore the complexity of one another’s identity.

Tragedy in Beni: a crisis foretold?

In August, at least 42 civilians were hacked to death with machetes in Beni, Eastern DR Congo. It was not the first time such violence has taken place, and it may not be the last. So how can the killing be stopped? Peace Direct has released a briefing on the situation in Congo.

International Day of Peace 2016: your messages of hope

For International Day of Peace 2016 we are running a campaign asking you to share your #messageofhope and stories of peace. In a world where violence and war dominate headlines we want to draw attention to the everyday acts of peaceful change, and show there are many reasons to hope. Over the last few weeks, you have been sharing your own stories and messages of hope and peace with us. Here are some of them.

Rebuilding trust among youth in Burundi

A crisis lasting more than one year in Burundi has seen violence and alarming human right violations across the country. Some estimate that over 800 people have been killed, and more than a quarter of a million have fled the country. In a conflict that has torn communities apart and destroyed social relations, building trust among young people is crucial for Burundi’s future.

To Orlando, in solidarity

At Peace Direct, we are deeply heartbroken over the tragic news of the massacre that occurred this past Sunday in Orlando, Florida. A gay pride weekend across the country should be a unifying and celebratory time. We mourn the lives lost this past weekend, offer our deepest condolences to their families and loved ones, and stand in solidarity with the LGBTQ community, the American people as a whole, and all those the world over who suffer from violence and crimes against humanity.

The future of peacebuilding: six lessons from Next Gen Peace

From May 24-26, we joined some 400 diverse peacebuilding experts, practitioners, policymakers, and NGO representatives at the Alliance for Peacebuilding’s (AfP) annual conference in Washington, DC. The theme of the gathering, “Next Gen Peace”, spoke to the future of peacebuilding as a field, and the three days were full of energy, insightful panels, and thought-provoking discussions. For us, the event was a time to listen and learn from others, share our own work, and collaborate with the AfP community to encourage greater support for local peacebuilding, including the critical role of youth as peacebuilders. Our experience at the conference highlighted six key lessons for the future of peacebuilding.