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Kaltumi’s Story: Championing Women’s Rights in Nigeria

Kaltumi Abdulazeez is a young female peacebuilder in Nigeria. She is the Founder of the Ladies Empowerment Goals and Support Initiative (LEGASI). She has been working with survivors and families of violent conflict since 2016. Motivated by her childhood, she is committed to peacebuilding and supporting women’s rights. Here is her story: My Journey and … Continued

Mining for Peace in the DRC

The Democratic Republic of Congo has seen decades of violent conflict. Gold reserves have often been considered a driver of these conflicts, particularly in the Ituri province of eastern DRC. With over 160 armed groups active in eastern DRC, this is a widespread threat to peace in the region. The majority of mines in Ituri … Continued

Bridging Syria’s Education Gap

War often prevents children from receiving education. During conflict, school acts as a place of safety for children. In Syria, many children have been forced out of school as a result of the war, denying them their right to education. March 2023 marks 12 years since the start of the civil war in Syria. During … Continued

Séraphin’s story: an ex-combatant

The region of South Kivu in DRC has been the scene of clashes for many years. Instability has led to economic chaos, and many young people have become unemployed, and some have even joined armed groups. Last year, local organisation Cadre de Concertation Intercommunautaire (CCI) was selected as one of the grantees in our Youth … Continued