Peace Direct is an independent charity working with local people to stop war and build peace on the frontlines of conflict.

In 2015, our total income in the UK was £1,821,682. We were funded by individual donations (15%), grants from trusts and foundations (30%), institutional income (47%), contract income (7%) and donated services and other income (1%). This range of funding sources gives us the independence and flexibility to explore new approaches and react rapidly to conflicts.

It also means that we can match our partners’ needs to the right sort of funding – small and fast for an emergency, slower and more strategic for a long term programme. It’s one of the things that makes us really effective. Individual supporters are crucial to this.

We have nearly 2,000 individual supporters. But they provide something more than money, they show frontline peacebuilders they’re not alone.


In 2015

2015 was a very significant year for Peace Direct. Our new Chief Executive, Dylan Mathews, took over the reins from Carolyn Hayman who stepped down in December 2014.

Our income was the highest yet, at £1.82m, reflecting the very high quality of work by staff and local partners throughout the year, both developing locally led programmes for conflict affected communities, and enabling us to attract new and larger grants to support this work.

A lot of time and energy was spent in 2015 by the staff and Board on developing a new direction for the organisation. This led to the approval of a new Mission, Vision and five-year strategy for Peace Direct. The process of developing these key documents has been very unifying for staff and Board and has led to an ambitious strategy for growth and impact over the next five years.



Read our 2015 Annual Report


Where your money goes

Of our total expenditure in 2015, 88% went directly to support and promote the work of local peacebuilders, documented throughout this website:


  • 35% was invested in supporting people living in countries with a legacy of conflict.
  • 25% went to Early Warning and Rapid Response programmes.
  • 13% went to researching, mapping and promoting local peacebuilding so we can continue to map and advocate for locally led approaches to peace.
  • 13% went to tackling the causes of extremism.
  • 12% was invested in fundraising, so that we can continue to help local people on the frontlines of conflict.
  • 2% was spent on bringing local peacebuilders together for shared learning. 





We are always looking for new supporters interested in our work.

Please email us for more information about how to support our work.

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Trusts and Foundations

Over two thirds of our income comes from the generous support of charitable trusts and foundations. Without these grants, we could not continue our life-saving work.

While all of Peace Direct’s projects address conflict in some manner, we are proud that many funders without peacebuilding priorities support us. As our generous funders know our projects bring so much more than peace to the communities they help, whether this is creating agriculatural cooperatives in DR Congo or promoting women’s political participation in Pakistan.

Both funding to ensure Peace Direct can continue to respond quickly to local needs and designated project funding is welcome. We have a wide spectrum of projects across the following areas:

• Livelihoods and income generation
• Access to justice
• Political rights and participation
• Women’s empowerment
• Interfaith education through film and photography
• Community reintegration of ex-combatants

Peace Direct is committed to timely and appropriate grant reporting following donor requirements and work closely with our local partners to ensure reports are of the highest standards and that our projects have the highest impact for a low cost.

If you, or someone you know, is the trustee of a grant-making body we would welcome the opportunity to discuss our work and how you might become involved. Please contact Claire May on or call 0203 422 5549




“Peace Direct’s work has been exemplary in all respects and is achieving remarkable results in the most challenging circumstances imaginable.”

David Cutler, Baring Foundation


Trusts and foundations that have supported our work

Peace Direct is grateful for the support received from trusts and foundations, without which much of our work could not happen.

Here are some of the trusts and foundations that have recently supported our work:
• The Alan and Babette Sainsbury Charitable Fund
• The Blandford Lake Trust
• Big Lottery Fund
• The Bryan Guinness Charitable Trust
• Commonwealth Foundation
• The Dulverton Trust
• The Evan Cornish Charitable Trust
• Humanity United
• The JA Clark Charitable Trust
• Kenneth Miller Trust
• The Livingstone Trust
• The Network for Social Change
• Niwano Peace Foundation
• Rockefeller Brothers Foundation
• Sir James Reckitt Charity
• Souter Charitable Trust
• The Stanley Thomas Johnson Trust
• The Trusthouse Charitable Foundation
• US Institute of Peace

If you, or someone you know, is the trustee of a grant-making body we would welcome the opportunity to discuss our work and how you might become involved. Please contact Claire May on or call 0203 422 5549.