25 new Seeds for Peace in Pakistan

In Pakistan, local peacebuilder Gulalai Ismail has recruited and trained 25 young people to the Seeds of Peace network. They are working across the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa – one of the most fragile states in Pakistan. As one participant – 23-year-old Misbah – explains, their work is critical:

Life in my city is under threat. I fear that me or my family members will be killed or kidnapped anytime

Peace Direct has helped to fund a four day training workshop that gives young people the skills to work with people in their home towns. In December they began working with the people most at risk of indoctrination into militant groups – ex-militants, young men drawn into tribal conflicts, disaffected young people living with the day to day reality of army attacks, and those who have had their homes destroyed by the recent flooding.


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