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Adeela is a youth-led organization founded in 2018, with a special focus on matters of peace, societal change, social justice and human rights in Sudan. Using Sudanese culture, storytelling and art to  highlight and tackle these issues along with the various difficulties and challenges that face Sudanese youth, and building peace and justice, and achieving positive change and opening doors for dialogue in an atmosphere based on respect for difference and coexistence.

We have worked with Adeela since 2020 as part of our Local Action Fund, which provides small grants to young peacebuilders across the region. As our hub partner, Adeela identifies, supports and delivers small grants to youth peacebuilders, enabling them to design and deliver their own innovative peacebuilding initiatives.

They mobilised their media platform for knowledge-sharing to provide comprehensive, up-to-date, and simplified information on the fast-changing political context. Over four months, they produced 16 infographics, eight pamphlets, five videos and four reports that reached youth groups, members of resistance movements and other members of civil society.

Adeela considers itself an open platform and hub for all the active youth in fields of arts, culture, peace, social justice and the concept of reconstructing the modern Sudanese state. Thus, Adeela consistently works closely with organizations, youth groups, grassroots initiatives and attempts to create partnerships with them in order to provide various forms of logistic and technical support for their activities. In addition, through its activities e.g. Cultural Forum, adeela allows activists, youth and experts to debate, brainstorm and have open dialogues regarding socio-political themes.

Learn more about Adeela on their website.


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