Tukmat Peace Committee

In Tukmat, water scarcity is a source of conflict between different tribes. A group of communities had, for years, a system in place where each day of the week a particular tribe could have access to water, but since groups of Internally Displaced People (IDPs) arrived in the region, this system has been disrupted, and fights over the right to use water have escalated, especially between the Arabs and the Nuba people.  

In August 2019, there was an outbreak of violence between these two groups, injuring many people. The Tukmat Peace Committee was called to intervene. They held discussions with all the communities involved, and listened to their grievances to understand why they fought. Then, they brought 400 people together for a seminar on water management. Together, the communities began to understand each other and came up with a plan to reinstate the water sharing calendar, this time including the new residents in a way that suited everyone. Now, the groups are able to work together to make sure everyone accesses the water they need.