Mo's story*

“Before I attended this training, I was jobless and spent most of my time playing football. It wasn’t a pleasant situation but that was what young people like me did. If your family doesn’t have a business and you are not skilled, what else will you do? You often do things like to join clan militias or rob people because an empty mind is the devil’s playground. I always had in mind to do something to take care of myself and care for my elderly mother, but I had limited options and I didn’t want to go to try go to Europe and become a victim of human traffickers in Libya.  

Luckily this SADO programme came to Kismayo and I was able to learn plumbing. When I graduated, SADO gave me money to purchase tools. There are many architects in Kismayo but not many plumbers, so this is a thriving business. I receive many calls daily about pipe installation.  

Sincerely, this transformed my life. Sometimes I provide voluntary services to the society at the IDP [Internally Displaced People] camp and community centres to show my gratitude. I am now a senior plumber and a well-respected member of the society.” 

*Name changed for security purposes.