Kadugli Peace Committee

During the peak of political upheaval, there were many incidents of tensions escalating in the Nuba Mountains region, and the Kadugli Peace Committee intervened, preventing the escalation of violence. In August, a member of the military council in South Kordofan, along with his tribe, started to attack and steal from people, emboldened by the political power recently acquired by his son. The attacks terrorised residents, and the Peace Committee was called to act. Members met with the regional head of the army in Kadugli to raise their concerns about the situation, who called a meeting with the military council. A representative of the council came to South Kordofan with the Peace Committee, and officially apologised in the name of his tribe. A meeting was then organised to settle the issue, attended by more than 500 people, during which the perpetrators were asked to publicly apologise and pay fines for damages they caused. Thanks to the work of the Peace Committee this matter was resolved with no further violence.