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The power of regular giving

Posted by Ruth Tidy on

peacebuilders-hug-sqAs we enter our tenth year of building peace around the world, we know that one of the keys to our success is receiving regular monthly donations from our supporters. These are vital, for three reasons:

  1. We have reserve funds ready for any emergency – so we can respond to crises immediately.
  2. We have less administration costs, because regular donation administration costs are lower than single donations – so more of your money goes to the people who need it.
  3. We  know what to expect and when we can expect it – meaning we can budget and plan for the future.

Last month, when we received 258 monthly donations, it made our day. In fact, each month when these donations come in, it makes our day.  We can rely on this – our regular givers are our pillar. To know that we have this support, that we don’t have to nervously wait by the post to see if we get any responses from our latest campaign or appeal, makes all the difference to us.  And more importantly, to our peacebuilders.

Because of our regular income – that’s all of you with a direct debit or standing order – we knew that we could plan and budget for the psychological reintegration of 30 child soldiers in Congo.  When suddenly our Pakistani partner, Gulalai Ismail, was threatened in her home, we could support her to escape to the safety of a nearby town.  When it comes to costs, we can reduce our administration costs and get more to the places and people in need.

I want to remind you how much this means to us. That as we’re a small charity, I recognise most of your names now. I know that we have three Gillians, one Bernadette and seven Tims – who give us monthly donations. That each new person who sets up a direct debit really counts and helps to secure our peace for the future.

I want to say thank you and let you know that we will be phoning some of our supporters over the next few weeks to tell you more about our work and see if you’d like to join those 258 people and set up a regular gift.

To start a regular donation, please see

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