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The power of the crowd

Posted by Janina Miketta on

Mozart_Portrait-sqWhat do Mozart, ABBA and Peace Direct have in common?

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart has done it, ABBA have done it and Peace Direct is doing it now.

Although on first glance they might not seem to be connected at all, they have one thing in common – a belief in the power of crowdfunding.

In 1783, Mozart, already a renowned composer, wanted to perform three newly composed concerts in Vienna, but as so often, he lacked the funding to do so. What did he do? He invited his followers to support him and, in turn, they invited their friends. A year later, with the help of 176 people, he was able to play his concerti.

ABBA, wanting to publish a photo book documenting their extraordinary career, asked fans to pre-order a limited edition of the book. They received hundreds of pre-orders, raising enough money to fund the project.

Now, through the power of creating an online community, we are doing the same. Whether you are an ABBA or a Mozart fan, we would love you to bring the power of the crowd to supporting our Voice of Image project, which helps young people in Sri Lanka to explore their communities through the lens of a camera, thereby creating art and promoting peace. Please visit our crowdfunding page and contribute, or share our project, so we too can join Mozart’s and ABBA’s success.

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