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What happens when fighting ceases?

Posted by Jasmine on

Image source: Justin McIntosh

At the time of writing, an open-ended ceasefire between the Israelis and Palestinians has been agreed. During 50 days of violence, 2172 people were killed. The spotlight remained firmly on diplomatic negotiations taking place in Cairo, but international diplomatic efforts repeatedly faltered.

If this ceasefire holds, the tiny enclave will begin the task of rebuilding its homes, roads and families. Perhaps wider solutions can be sought. The urgent question is – what next? What happens when fighting ceases but underlying hostility remains, whether at the international or the community level?

One answer may be found among the local organisations trying to break through the long-term stalemate, to foster a lasting and equitable peace. There are local peacebuilders, both Israelis and Palestinians, working tirelessly amongst conflicting communities across Israel and Palestine, despite the dangerous circumstances.

You can find them on our website Insight on Conflict. It showcases groups that bridge the gap between the two conflicting sides – currently detailing 86 peacebuilding organisations in the region. With their dedication, perseverance and innovative ideas, they inspire the majority on both sides, who long for a peaceful solution, not to give up hope.

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