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The Grow Peace Fund takes small, local peace organisations and grows them bigger, so they can make a bigger difference - stop more conflicts, save more lives and heal more communities in conflict zones worldwide.

Growing local peacebuilders

The Grow Peace Fund offers a unique opportunity to scale up the work of dynamic local peacebuilders into a regional or national force within their countries. And because these are local organisations, they can make a little money go a very long way, used where it is needed most. But the Fund gives more than just money, it gives advice and support to meet the challenges of growth. A gift to The Grow Peace Fund will make a real contribution to growing peace.

1 Find new talent

We look for successful local peacebuilders who can achieve even more with our support. In post-war Burundi, for example, APD is a new project promoting reconciliation and defusing violence among young people. The project has huge potential in a country where 60% of the population are under 25.

2 Support growth

We support Fund members for up to three years with grants and advice as they grow. In turbulent Sudan, SUDIA are finding innovative ways to empower local people to develop their own solutions to conflict and violence.

3 Scale up for bigger impact

As Fund members grow, they can affect whole regions of their countries. In the Philippines Kapamagagopa is overcoming prejudice and religious divides. So far their work has impacted the lives of as many as 700,000 people.

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